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Has the NIT announced anything?

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  • Has the NIT announced anything?

    Billikens, Tigers, and Bears, oh my!!!
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    just saw on ESPN scrollbar

    Mizzou vs Michigan in NIT
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      Billikens play at home (St. Charles Family Arena) against Iowa.


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        What's wrong with Mizzou vs SLU ? Pressure from Mizzou not to play, maybe????
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          Quinns asshole puckered up when that matchup was mentioned..
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            I haven't seen the brackets but certainly Mizzou and SLU could be matched up later.


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              Originally posted by Tazlaz@Mar 14 2004, 08:49 PM
              just saw on ESPN scrollbar

              Mizzou vs Michigan in NIT
              Only one more embarrassment to endure this year.
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                when do they usually announce brackets for the NIT?
                Are you on the list?


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                  NIT Brackets

                  Missouri and SLU are on the top and bottom. They cannot meet until the final four at MSG. I am surprised SMS did not make it. Creighton and Wich St the only teams from the MVC.

                  SLU/Iowa plays the winner of Purdue/Notre Dame
                  Mizzou/Michigan plays the winner of LSU/Oklahoma


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                    I believed they've at least announced that their tourney produces the 65th (or is it 66th or 67th, with the play-in game?) best team in the nation.
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                      Funny you look at the teams there, and their records, Mizzou with a 16-13 almost looks like they don't belong there either.
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                        SLU and Iowa--pretty good matchup. SLU gets the home game and on ESPN2 also. "Home" game in the sense that it is actually close to St. Louis--St. Charles Family Arena. I wonder about the security of Alford's job. Also wonder if Frericks can go for SLU. I know Iowa has good guards, but so does SLU. My guess is that Iowa will be a slight favorite.

                        No postseason for SMS--that sucks.

                        Missouri and Michigan--two Coach K proteges (Amaker and Snyder). Interestingly, both teams had a player plead guilty to assault for an incident last year (Clemons and Robinson). Both kept their player on scholarship, but Robinson didn't wreck an ATV at the U or M's President's house. Both also have had some recent experience with NCAA investigations (but I think Michigan's didn't have anything to do with Amaker). Gotta figure Michigan will be favored.
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                          Originally posted by jhuegy@Mar 14 2004, 09:05 PM
                          What's wrong with Mizzou vs SLU ? Pressure from Mizzou not to play, maybe????
                          I could care less who we play because the NIT sucks, but I'd much rather play Michigan than SLU. I'm sure most Mizzou fans would agree. The Snyder/Amaker story line is much bigger on a national scale than Mizzou/SLU would be.
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                            I can always count on BurnKU for some good stuff when it comes to Missouri basketball.

                            Burn, yes, I agree the melodrama of Michigan v. Mizzou is more compelling than playing an in-state team. State schools with overrated programs from "major" conferences and NCAA violations are always big on a national scale.

                            No way was Missouri going to agree to play SLU. And frankly, I don't really care. That matchup doesn't mean that much to me. But I bet it did to the folks at Missouri.
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                              I don't exactly understand why FSU has to travel somewhere to play in the first round.
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