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Is salary a factor in chances to make the team?

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  • Is salary a factor in chances to make the team?

    After negotiations, the general manager signs player A to a 2 year contract for 3 million a year. He's gonna help a lot---really filling a need. Player B arrives from the minors, or as the extra player in a trade and helps fill the same need. His salary is not much above the league minimum. His season opportunity success level on a ten point scale is a surprising 6. Player A, however, achieves about a 5.5--- disappointing, but not really very different from player B. So when they report to spring training the next year, those two players should be in a close battle for a roster spot. It does not seem to work that way. Player A has a distinct advantage---his contract dictates that he should get the spot because if he doesn't, then the general manager looks kind of foolish. Player B sometimes wins the spot, or the starting position anyway, but the odds, the opportunities, and the margin of error are all stacked against him. This seems to be happening more and more with the Cardinals, but maybe there are many other teams which have this phenomenon. Or maybe it is all my imagination.

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    I'd be curious if Lincoln/Tavarez/Anderson only get their contracts if they make the team?

    Tavarez I would think is signed regardless...what of the others?
    Are you on the list?