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    What do tornadoes and women have in common?

    First, they suck and they blow a lot, and then they end up taking your house.
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    Two guys were sitting at a bar when the first guys looks at his watch and notices that it is after midnight.

    He says, "I have to get going my wife is going to have a fit. I don't know how she does it but, I can never sneak into bed. I shut the car off and coast it in to the driveway, park it outside instead of opening the garage door, I close the doors quietly, gently open and close the dresser drawers, don't flush, gently get into bed and she catches me everytime"

    The second guy says, "You should try what I do. I squeal the tires as I pull into the driveway, open the garage door with a crash, rev the engine before I turn it off, slam doors and dresser drawers, flush twice and jump into bed. I slap her on the ass and yell 'Who's horny'! She never wakes up."

    Mr. G