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Albert makes a phone call in 2022

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  • Albert makes a phone call in 2022

    The year is 2022. Cell phones have been banned because of the cancer thing. Albert is at a pay phone. He puts in a coin, and enters the numbers. "Hello, St. Louis Cardinals baseball club". "Hello, this is Albert Pujolz. I played for the Cardinals early in this century. May I speak to Paris Hilton, please?" "and this is regarding?" "hey, you tell that fat middle-aged cow that when she bought the Cardinals, she bought my contract! I still have money coming!" "calm down, sir. She just sent out a check today, for one hundred thousand dollars. You'll get one each month". "BUT NO ONE WRITES OR CASHES CHECKS, ANYMORE!" ("sir, this is the operator. Please deposit another 50,000 dollar coin, if you wish to stay connected.)"never mind".