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Can The Old Guard Resume Power?

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  • Can The Old Guard Resume Power?

    It used to be the Wild, Wild West.

    There was a changing of the guard last spring and the National Hockey League's Western Conference, once the home of open skies and open hockey, became more guarded. Powers like the Detroit Red Wings, Colorado Avalanche and Dallas Stars were swept aside by the likes of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim and Minnesota Wild, a couple of defense-first teams.

    This year it looks like those upstarts are going to be on the outside looking in, but will the balance of power be restored?

    The West used to be home to the league's powerhouses, but as we saw last spring, there are plenty of ways for them to be short-circuited.

    Here's the most likely ways this year's contenders could blow a fuse ...

    Detroit Red Wings

    IN: C Robert Lang OUT: G Dominik Hasek FATAL FLAW: G Curtis Joseph went into the playoffs last year with a .500 record in the postseason. After being swept by the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, he's now 58-62. While he has been responsible for a couple of huge upsets, he has only taken his team past the second round twice (both in Toronto, in 1999 and 2002). Getting swept in the first round last year opened the door for Hasek's return, which has worked out so well, right? If you look at Cujo's track record, he is at his best in the underdog role, but in Hockeytown, he and the Wings are always going to have to play the role of top dog. Given another chance, can Cujo get out of the doghouse?

    Colorado Avalanche
    IN: G Tommy Salo, W Matthew Barnaby, C Chris Gratton, F Darby Hendrickson, D Bob Boughner, D Kurt Sauer, D Ossi Vaananen OUT: D Derek Morris FATAL FLAW: With so many changes, you have to wonder if there's another time -- or enough "Hello, My Name Is" tags -- to get all the new Avs on the same page. It is a strange team in that it has the fewest losses on the road (just four) in the league and struggled at home early in the season. G David Aebischer is going to be a playoff rookie, but so was former net-mate Patrick Roy when he won the Cup. The Avalanche have been tweaking their blue line for the last few weeks and finally made a move to get some veteran goaltending help by picking up Salo, which could turn out well provided they don't face Belarus in the playoffs.

    San Jose Sharks
    IN: F Curtis Brown, D Jason Marshall OUT: F Brad Boyes FATAL FLAW: Will the Sharks' offense have enough teeth in the postseason? Their power play is ranked 19th overall and (among the playoff contenders in the West, only Calgary and L.A. are worse) and they are near the bottom of the league in offense from their blue line (although they are fourth in the league in penalty killing). They are Great Whites at home, but more like guppies on the road, so they are going to need to improve there or become the catch of the day.

    Vancouver Canucks
    IN: W Martin Rucinsky, W Geoff Sanderson, D Marc Bergevin, F Sylvain Blouin, W Sergei Varlamov OUT: W Todd Bertuzzi FATAL FLAW: Because of Bertuzzi's momentary lapse of reason while slugging Colorado's Steve Moore, the Canucks have lost their second-best forward for the postseason. That becomes the issue on the Left Coast, overcoming the fact that G Dan Cloutier still has yet to prove he has the stuff it takes to be a playoff hero. Without Bertuzzi, opponents are going to be able to tune in on leader Markus Naslund even more. There's nothing funny here.

    Dallas Stars
    IN: F Shayne Corson, W Valeri Bure, D Chris Therien, D Lubomir Sekeras OUT: D Chris McAllister FATAL FLAW: The Stars, right now, aren't in a position for home-ice advantage in the postseason and there isn't a team in the West right now that has a bigger differential in home vs. road losses. The Stars have lost just six times at home, but have dropped 17 on the road. They also have the fewest goals scored among the playoff contending teams in the West. Can G Marty Turco be close to perfect in the postseason?

    Calgary Flames
    IN: W Chris Simon, W Marcus Nilson OUT: G Jamie McLennan, C Blair Betts FATAL FLAW: You would forgive the Flames if they don't quite get this postseason thing. It's been eight years since they've been in the playoffs and 15 years since they won a playoff round. That's the second-longest dry spell between series wins. Phoenix (17 years and counting) is the only team to have gone longer between series wins. If they can hang on and get a playoff spot, they are going to be reminded a lot about the fact they haven't won in the postseason since winning the Stanley Cup in 1989. Then again, for a team that's been on the outside looking in for too long, that's not a bad problem to have, right?

    Los Angeles Kings
    IN: D Nathan Dempsey, F Anson Carter, F Jeff Cowan OUT: W Kip Brennan, W Jared Aulin FATAL FLAW: If you believe special teams take on added significance in the postseason, you won't be betting on the Kings. Coaches figure if their team's penalty killing and power play percentages add up to 100, they're in good shape. The Kings' add up to 94.4 (the Red Wings, by comparison, are 107.7). The Kings will want to play as much 5-on-5 as they can. Oh, yeah, they'll want to make sure they've got the medical premiums up to date, too.

    Nashville Predators
    IN: C Steve Sullivan, C Sergei Zholtok, D Brad Bombadir, D Shane Hnidy OUT: D Stan Neckar FATAL FLAW: The Predators are the only team among the Western playoff contenders (they're fighting for their first-ever berth) to have a negative goal differential (-2 as of Thursday). The Preds are on the way to changing that with the acquistion of Sullivan, who's been a point machine since coming over from the Chicago Blackhawks. They're also another team that has struggled away from home (18 of 26 losses on the road). The biggest problem they might face if they make the playoffs for the first time is the "Just Happy To Be Here" syndrome. If they can get past that, they could be this year's Minnesota Wild, but with an uglier third jersey.

    St. Louis Blues
    IN: D Eric Weinrich, C Mike Sillinger, W Brian Savage, LW Ryan Ready OUT: D Tom Koivisto, W Sergei Varlamov, G Brent Johnson FATAL FLAW: The Blues are trying to keep their 24-year streak of making the playoffs intact. They find themselves in trouble because they have had trouble scoring goals, especially 5-on-5. They have just 103 even-strength goals this season (the Wings, by comparison, have 141). They are on pace to score just 191 goals this season, their fewest in nine years (178 in 1994-95). They are going to need G Chris Osgood to be real good.


    Mr. G

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    When I saw the title of this thread, I thought it was calling the West the "old guard," wondering if the West could regain power. I don't think there's any question that the balance of power has shifted to the East and that a pretty solid argument can be made that seven of the league's 10 best teams are in the East.


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      Originally posted by devaskar@Mar 12 2004, 10:19 PM
      the balance of power has shifted to the East

      You won't get an argument from me on this statement.

      Mr. G


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        While I think both conferences are fairly equal, I think 7 of the best 10 in the East is a stretch..

        Why are the Russians suddenly a problem?" -Bgats


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          Originally posted by mellanby_equals_grit@Mar 12 2004, 08:28 PM
          While I think both conferences are fairly equal, I think 7 of the best 10 in the East is a stretch..
          I actually think it's more like seven of the nine best teams are in the East...but I didn't want to sound like I was exaggerating. I think Montreal would beat anyone in the West in a best-of-seven other than Detroit and Colorado, with San Jose and Dallas providing the toughest competition.


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            I don't think the West is as strong as it was the last few years. The only teams in the West I think would give Philadelphia, Toronto, and New Jersey problems are Colorado and Detroit. You could add Boston and Tampa Bay in that mix with the East, as well.

            I would've put Ottawa with those other Eastern teams, but I'm not sold on Patrick Lalime. I'm a little surprised Ottawa didn't address their goalie situation at the trade deadline.
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