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Robocop isn't that far behind

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  • Robocop isn't that far behind

    A model is seen wearing the BLEEX, (Berkeley Lower Extremity Exoskeleton) in this undated submitted photo. Ultimately intended to assist people like soldiers or firefighters bearing heavy loads for long distances. 'The design of this exoskeleton really benefits from human intellect and the strength of the machine,' says University of California researcher Homayoon Kazerooni, professor of mechanical engineering and director of Berkeley's Robotics and Human Engineering Laboratory. 'There is no joystick, no keyboard, no push button to drive the device, the pilot becomes an integral part of the exoskeleton.' The exoskeleton consists of a pair of mechanical metal leg braces that include a power unit and a backpack-like frame. The braces are attached to a modified pair of Army boots and are also connected, although less rigidly, to the user's legs. (AP Photo/University of California Berkeley)

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    Is it just me? Or, is this guy in big shite if Bertuzzi cold-cocks him from behind?