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Proposed violence rule changes in sports

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  • Proposed violence rule changes in sports

    This idea first came to me when I saw a football player get severly hurt on a cheap shot.

    1. The player that injures another player illegally will be out as long as the other player is - no matter how long. If the player he injures never plays again he is also done.

    2. The team of the player that commits the injury must pay the injured players salary and it counts against their cap in leagues with caps.

    3. The player who commits the injury must speak to every rookie class about violence for 5 years.

    Just wondering what others think.
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    I'm for a charge of criminal assault.
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      I'd like to see Bertuzzi go to jail. I don't like the idea of the talking to the rookies. Here's a guy who comitted a heinous act on the ice- IMO he has nothing constructive to say to younger players.


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        I think that there should be an outreach program for Bertuzzi where he could generously donate his time, money, and merchandise to a local needy dumpster.

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