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Problems plague contracts to rebuild Iraq

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  • Problems plague contracts to rebuild Iraq

    Wednesday in Baghdad, a senior military official complained that Iraqi security forces are still without body armor, radios and SUVs that were supposed to arrive in November.

    Why? Delays in contracts to buy the equipment.

    Maj. Gen. Charles Swannack Jr., commander of the 82nd Airborne Division in Baghdad said, “They want to defeat these enemies of a new and free Iraq. If we had the equipment for these brave young men we would be much farther along.”

    There have been some successes in the rebuilding process:

    Many schools rebuilt
    Key bridges and roads repaired
    Electricity and phone service improved
    Oil production almost back to prewar levels

    But experts say there have been more than the usual problems, even given the hostile environment.

    “The contracting process itself has been chaotic, at best, uh, often disorganized and there’s been a real push to get the money out faster, perhaps, than the capacity to spend it,” said Paul Light, New York University professor and contracting expert.

    American companies that once viewed reconstruction as a potential gold rush now complain of confusion and, in some cases, corruption.


    Mr. G

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    Yet another case of government ineffiency. I can't wait until they start handing out our prescription drugs.
    Asked what he would do differently in Iraq, Kerry said, "Right now, what I would do differently is, I mean, look, I'm not the president, and I didn't create this mess so I don't want to acknowledge a mistake that I haven't made."