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Silence for Sapp is deafening

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  • Silence for Sapp is deafening

    Aww, poor guy... Think he might have overestimated his worth a bit?

    For the past week, Warren Sapp has sat back and watched as the top-tier defensive tackles got paid. First, Cornelius Griffin cashed in, then Robaire Smith, Rod Coleman and, of course, big Ted Washington.

    But it was probably when the second wave kicked in and teams started snapping up mid-level free-agents Steve Martin, Fred Robbins, Brian Young, Josh Williams and Cedric Woodward that Sapp started to get truly antsy.

    So it was somewhat predictable Tuesday when the Mouth of the South's always industrious agent, Drew Rosenhaus -- who can do a little talking of his own -- decided to embark on a media offensive regarding Tampa Bay's seeming lack of interest in re-signing his celebrated client. Nobody can stir it up like Rosenhaus, and if it weren't such a transparent attempt to drum up a market for Sapp, you'd have to hand it to the veteran agent for knowing when to try a little razzle-dazzle in the shell game that is free agency
    But he's not completely without suitors:

    The Baltimore Ravens would love to see Sapp in purple, playing on the same defense as old college teammate Ray Lewis. But that's providing that Sapp's market drops to the level they deem appropriate: about $2 million per year and $2 million to sign. In other words, good veteran role-player money. Other teams such as Kansas City, Chicago, Oakland and maybe St. Louis are thought to have Sapp in their sights at less-than-market-setting standards, as well.
    Would anyone like to see Sapp at "at less-than-market-setting standards" on the Rams?

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    Absolutely I would take Sapp at teh right price.

    He is a run stopper now, exactly what we need.
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      Anybody, please, take Sapp from my Bucs.
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        Age is an issue for DL - they generally hit the wall at around 33 or so.

        So I don't want the Rams overpaying for him but i wouldn't mind having him at the right price.

        han solo


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          See him? Sure.

          Hear him? No.
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            I have to disagree.

            Sapp is lazy, won't commit to stopping the run, and his career has been in steep decline for three eyars.

            The Rams should develop the 4,000 DTs they've drafted.
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              Originally posted by lazydaze@Mar 10 2004, 10:42 AM
              Absolutely I would take Sapp at teh right price.

              He is a run stopper now, exactly what we need.
              When he wants to be, he is. And when he really wants to be, he's one of the five or six best in the league at it.

              The question is, will he commit to it all the time?

              Here's the other issue with Sapp: I have a friend who worked with him throughout Super Bowl week when Sapp was a guest host for the NFL Network (my friend is an NFL Network production assistant). He's told me that Sapp told him that he would not sign in a cold-weather city because he doesn't want to live in that sort of environment. That quite obviously limits his options and would eliminate places like Baltimore and St. Louis as serious suitors. (I have no reason to doubt the credibility of my friend.)

              If he's willing to play for far less money than he has made the last six years, he'll definitely land a job somewhere in a warm-weather city--be it one of the Florida teams, New Orleans, Dallas, Arizona, or San Diego.