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R-Rating Sought in Some Smoking Films

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  • R-Rating Sought in Some Smoking Films

    LOS ANGELES — If Nicolas Cage lights a cigarette in a movie, Hollywood's ratings board should respond as if he used a profanity, according to authors of a new study that criticizes glamorous images of smoking in movies rated for children under 17.

    Nearly 80 percent of movies rated PG-13 feature some form of tobacco use, while 50 percent of G and PG rated films depict smoking, said Stanton Glantz, co-author of the study, which examined 775 U.S. movies over the past five years.

    "No one is saying there should never be any smoking in the movies," Glantz, a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, said Tuesday at a press conference at Hollywood High School. "What we're simply asking for is that smoking be treated by Hollywood as seriously as it treats offensive language."

    He'd like to see more PG-13 movies that feature smoking — like "Matchstick Men," "Seabiscuit" and the Oscar-winning "Chicago" — get slapped with an R rating.

    Since R-rated films typically earn less money because they are not open to most teenagers, Glantz said he hoped such a policy would discourage filmmakers from depicting unnecessary smoking, such as the nicotine-addicted worm aliens in "Men in Black."

    The proposal includes an exception for historical figures who actually smoked as part of their public life, Glantz added. "For example, if they wanted to make a movie about Winston Churchill, they could show him with a cigar without triggering an R-rating, but the number of movies where that actually happens is very small."

    The study was funded by the charitable foundation The Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund and the National Cancer Institute.

    Glantz singled out The Walt Disney Co. for smoking in the PG-rated "Holes" and G-rated "102 Dalmatians," Time Warner for its PG "Secondhand Lions" and "What a Girl Wants" and Sony Pictures Entertainment for its PG "Master of Disguise."

    The Motion Picture Association of America (search), which rates films, did not immediately return calls for comment on the study or the ratings proposal.


    With obesity closing in on tobacco as the nation's No. 1 underlying preventable killer can movies that show people eating be far behind?

    Mr. G

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    No kidding, Mr. G

    This is ridiculous.
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      Originally posted by JWB@Mar 10 2004, 01:11 AM
      No kidding, Mr. G

      This is ridiculous.
      It's a good thing we've got people looking out for us or we'd never survive!!

      Mr. G


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        I think any movie with Nick Cage in it should be a Straight to Video release. Blech!

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          Guess I'll have to check IDs the next time I show home videos now. 1982 is in the offing isn't it?


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            Don't these "professors" have a class to teach, rather than airing thier ivory tower views?
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              Although I dont care for the professors idea, I have wondered at times why it was necessary to show so much smoking in movies.
              “I’ve always stated, ‘I’m a Missouri Tiger,’” Anderson said March 13 after Arkansas fired John Pelphrey, adding, “I’m excited about what’s taking place here.”

              Asked then if he would talk to his players about the situation, he said, “They know me, and that’s where the trust comes in.


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                Poor Cruella DeVille and her dogs. They're now R rated.

                This is can't start restricting what people can see based on the values of few.
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                  IF I can walk down the street and see this happen on every single street in America, why should it be R-rated?

                  My guess is that they are trying to send a message to producers and directors to not show smoking. Or at least cut it down, which I am fine with.
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                    PC Alert!

                    All this politically correct BS pisses me off.
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                      Originally posted by Razzy@Mar 10 2004, 07:45 AM
                      Although I dont care for the professors idea, I have wondered at times why it was necessary to show so much smoking in movies.
                      umm because thats pretty much what you see in real life isn't it?

                      han solo


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                        How about R-ratings for schools that are run by idiots who walk outside their building and about 10 feet from the main entrance, there's 5, 6 kids lighting up, but don't say anything? When I was in HS, the rule of thumb for kids who wanted to smoke was to either A) go out the front door, across the circle to the fence, or B) if you're a senior, smoke in your car in the student parking lot. When I started teaching, the rule of thumb for the teachers was to go to the entrance the students weren't allowed in and smoke there. Well, gee fucking whiz, the kids may not be the brightest people when it comes to taking a test and they may show no direct respect towards you, but deep down, they (especially in lower class areas like where I started) have the utmost respect for you. They're just afraid to admit it to their friends so they don't show it until the last day of the semester. They look up to you and bang, they see you lighting up they want to be just like you. Adults, we've made up our minds. That's not to say that it's the right thing to do (it's not, and I'm a few days away from hanging up the lighter for good, myself) and when you give a kid the impression that it's ok, well no shit they'll want to be like you.

                        I also think that a kids mind is made up depending on what adults say is wrong. Kids are rebellious people, they like to do what they're told not to do. Tell a kid smoking is bad, they'll want to smoke. Tell a kid to practice abstinence until they're married, they'll be popping cherries left right and center a week later. Tell a kid that alcohol is not intended to be consumed until you're drunk blind and they'll be down at the docks on a friday night getting blasted. I'd like to test my theory that you can keep a kid from doing all the bad things by not telling them they're bad, but then you get another person who tells them they are and you've been nullified.

                        I probably could have gotten sacked if word got out that when one of my young lady students told me she had had sex with one of the football players the night before I DIDN'T scream and holler. Administrators think that you can change every kid for the better, they think that you can influence their actions by telling them things are bad. You can't. Maybe one in an entire class will heed your advice, others will make up their mind to do the right thing on their own. Others will go the exact opposite direction of what you tell them. Why should I have wasted my breathe telling her that what she did was probably not the smartest thing? I'd have blown my reputation as "the teacher kids can come to when they have problems". Instead of laying into her, we talked for about 10 minutes about pros and cons and this that and the other thing. I don't know if anything I said got through to her, I can't verify that the next day she swore off sex. I can't verify if the next day one kid swears off smoking, another kid swears off drinking.

                        Now I'm rambling, I'm way off topic... dammit..
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                          Originally posted by BringBackZezel@Mar 10 2004, 09:00 AM
                          Poor Cruella DeVille and her dogs. They're now R rated.

                          This is can't start restricting what people can see based on the values of few.
                          funny i thought that was what the FCC was trying to do with janet's boob.

                          Glenn i agree with you (up to where you went off the deep end )

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