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Post/STltoday need more Spring Training Coverage!

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  • Neutered Cat
    I would have to disagree with you...dawg. They seem to have one or two stories every day on their website, each covering something new.

    However, I STILL come here first and foremost for up to date info on them

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  • big_dawg160
    started a topic Post/STltoday need more Spring Training Coverage!

    Post/STltoday need more Spring Training Coverage!

    Its pathetic how little coverage the post has been giving Spring Training, couldnt they do more than one story per day? St. Louis is definitely a baseball town, at least until the Rams start back up, there should be more coverage. Look at all the stories going into the season: leadoff hitter, left field, starting pitching, team injuries, La Russa's hopefully final year, the self imposed salary cap, Tino (just joking), and lastly P-U-J-O-L-S, just to name a few. With all those writers they have over there, we recieved the most PERTINENT information to date from Peter Gammons, a national writer. Every important STL sports story is shown on first, and then at the STLtoday. They need to fire Burwell and spend his salary on a few cheap spring training correspondents. I nominate CardinalGirl.