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Hillary, Cheney take their act on the road

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    Thats great.

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  • dv6y
    started a topic Hillary, Cheney take their act on the road

    Hillary, Cheney take their act on the road

    Some of Clinton's jokes:

    • "In the Clinton administration, we used to say in eight years, we've added more than 22 million new jobs. . . . You guys could say: 'Since 1993, our country has created 19 million new jobs.'"

    • The Clinton administration used to say it had "moved millions from welfare to work," to which Bush could add, "We've made that journey round trip."

    • "I actually saw the vice president as we were walking in," she said. "I was getting out of my car. . . . he was getting out of Justice Scalia's."


    • "At one point during your skits, I had a little scare. I felt a tightness in my chest. I started gasping for air and breathing irregularly. Then I realized it's called laughing. . . . "

    • "I always feel a genuine bond whenever I see Senator Clinton. She's the only person who's the center of more conspiracy theories than I am."

    • "Here's an unsigned question. 'Mr. Vice President, don't you think it's time to step down and let someone else add new energy and vitality to the ticket?' No . . . I don't. And Rudy . . . you need to do a better job disguising your handwriting. Oh . . . and Rudy has a follow up. 'How can you be so sure you'll be on the ticket?' Because the CIA told me so!"

    • "Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, it's getting late . . . and Nino [Scalia] and I have to get up early to go duck hunting."

    Washington Post