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Howard Dean's labor friends

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  • Howard Dean's labor friends

    NOW he tells us....This is from New York Times:

    Labor Supporter Says Dean Ignored His Entreaties to Quit

    ASHINGTON, Feb. 19 — One of Howard Dean's most powerful labor supporters, Gerald W. McEntee, said on Thursday that he had decided that Dr. Dean was "nuts" shortly before he withdrew his support for Dr. Dean's candidacy and begged him to quit the race to avoid a humiliating defeat.

    Mr. McEntee, the president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, defended his decision to abandon the campaign, saying he told Dr. Dean that he did not want to spend another $1 million of his union's money "in order to get him a couple of extra points in Wisconsin."

    "I have to vent," Mr. McEntee, the often blunt leader of the nation's largest public service union, said in a leisurely interview in his office here. "I think he's nuts."
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    If I was in a union, I'd be pissed that money was coming out of my paycheck for them to give millions to political candidates. I think buying groceries would be more important.
    Asked what he would do differently in Iraq, Kerry said, "Right now, what I would do differently is, I mean, look, I'm not the president, and I didn't create this mess so I don't want to acknowledge a mistake that I haven't made."