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Poll: If Election Were Held Today, 95% Would Miss

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  • Poll: If Election Were Held Today, 95% Would Miss

    (2004-02-19) -- A new CNN-USA Today poll reveals that if the presidential election were held today, most Americans would not vote for any candidate.

    About 95 percent of a representative sample of 1,295 registered voters said that if the election were held today, they would not even go to their voting precinct.

    Here's a breakdown of the results:
    -- 48% said, "I usually vote before work, and it's too late for that now."
    -- 32% said, "I have not yet devoted enough study time to the issues and candidates."
    -- 15% said, "I'm on the national Do-Not-Call registry, get lost."

    The other five percent were equally divided between George W. Bush and "that Democrat named John."

    The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus nine months.
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