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  • EHM'ers....

    Anyone out there play Eastside?

    I just finished my draft for 2099 (furthest I've ever gotten) and a damn message pops up that that's as far as I can go and thanks for my interest in the game. Is there a patch available that lets me continue, because I just had a really strong draft and I'm not anxious to start from scratch again...
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    I don't play this game, but I hear its no longer free...

    "Can't buy what I want because it's free...
    Can't buy what I want because it's free..."
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      Originally posted by 007@Mar 7 2004, 02:29 PM
      I don't play this game, but I hear its no longer free...
      There's still a free version available to download, but you're half right - EHM Franchise Edition will cost money. I think the free version's still good though.

      I can't really answer the question because I've never played that far. Just a guess - is it possible to export those 2099 rosters and import them back into a new game?


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        what is it? i've never heard of this game?
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          EHM: Franchise Edition should be excellent. The engine is based on a soccer management game called Championship Manager, which has sold millions of copies at home.

          Riz, the guy who wrote the original EHM now works for SI games whose website is here. It has information on the new game, which I think will be published by Sega.


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            The official messageboards for the new game are here.

            Glen as for your problem, I don't know exactly if there is a patch to rectify it. I doubt it. If there is, it is likely to be at the EHM download centre. If you haven't got the game (it is a hockey management game, you don't play the games), you can download it from there too.