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Baseball tickets have been ordered!

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  • Baseball tickets have been ordered!

    With it looking like I'm going to have a job soon, I ordered a bunch of tickets today since Angels and Dodgers tickets went on sale.

    Of course, I ordered tickets to all the Cardinals-Dodgers games in September. It remains to be seen if I'll use the tickets for the third game because it's on an NFL Sunday. If the Cardinals aren't in the race, I almost assuredly won't.

    I also ordered a ticket to the Thursday afternoon Cardinals-Padres game at Petco right before the Dodgers series in September.

    For the Dodgers, I also ordered tickets for all three games of the Cubs series in May because my best friend here is a huge Cubs fan and I can root against them in his face. I also ordered all three games for the Yankees series in May, a game against the Giants at the end of June because I've never been to a Dodgers-Giants game, and a game against the Phillies in August because I think the Phillies are going to win the pennant this year.

    For the Angels, I'm going to one of the Yankee games in May, one of the Cubs games in June (because of the friend), an Athletics game in June because I like the A's, and two of the four games against the Red Sox right after the all-star break.

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    Where are you looking at working Dev?


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      I think I'm going to be getting a job at Fox Sports, working in the video vault.