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Why is there no government in Afghanistan...

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  • Why is there no government in Afghanistan...

    Can someone tell me WHY we have no government in Afghanistan...and why Iraq seems so damn disorganized?

    I was in favor of the war...get Saddam's ass out...

    But why is there NOTHING of substance...happening in Afghanistan...

    And we obviously have our heads in our asses regarding Iraq too...

    You folks gonna give me some shit about Shiite resistance?
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    There is a government in Afghanistan. The President has attempts on his life almost daily. The afghani government is still a work in progress and the military pretty much lets warlords run their own little fiefdoms around the country. The Taliban still has control over small areas.


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      Just as before, we didn't care about the Taliban until they supported or allowed terrorists to train there.
      Now that they are gone we will most likely allow the Taliban to go back to the atrocities that they were committing before we invaded.

      I believe that Iraq may end up worse than before we got there.
      Under Saddam sure he was an evil SOB, but women had freedom to go to school, they were not attacked in the streets as in Saudi, There may not be a dictator there in the future, But I am not sure things are going to be much better for people there.
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        Iraq can go nowhere but up with Ahmed Chalabi at the helm.


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          Originally posted by thetorch@Mar 6 2004, 08:22 PM
          Iraq can go nowhere but up with Ahmed Chalabi at the helm.
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