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ESPN - Biggest Hypocrites Ever

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  • ESPN - Biggest Hypocrites Ever

    This whole week, they have been preaching sex in sports isnt a good thing and they have been showing all the clips of these hookers and strippers being interviewed talking about athletes and all that go on.

    How much is too much blah blah blah....

    They continue to tell us that the sex doesnt belong in sports and it doesnt belong near those athletes.......

    Then, a couple of magazines ago, they publish Xtreme athletes naked, with just their certain body parts covered with the smallest thing possible.

    Today, who is on the cover? Miguel Cabrera with two bimbos on a boat.

    I just dont get it. What are they trying to do?

    Is Feb that bad of a month sportswise for them to have to do all this? (YES)


    Are they (ESPN) just the worst thing ever to hit sports?
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    Feb is sweeps month isn't it?

    If so, nuff said.
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      They used to be the best thing to happen to sports.

      Now, they are among the worst.
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        I haven't watched SPORTSCENTER in a couple years.

        I can barely stand ESPN News.

        I do like ESPN Classics. I love Cheap Seats.
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