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Could B. Wagner eventually be a Card?

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  • Could B. Wagner eventually be a Card?

    Article is located in this link. Click it!

    How long he'll pitch for the Phillies remains to be seen. Wagner has an option for 2005 on his contract, but because he was traded during a multiyear deal, he can demand a trade.

    "It all depends on if I like it and whether they like me," he said. "I've always said I'd like to pitch in St. Louis. It's a great baseball town. I don't know Philly. My feelings could change. Pitching in St. Louis would be a good way to come back and stick it to the Astros."

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    Ideally by then we'll have developed a closer that doesn't cost a blubillion dollars.


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      Winning friends and influencing people in Philly already I see.

      I can't believe he said that.
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        You've got to be kidding me.

        When I read the headline and beginning of your post, Iowa, I was ready to rip into you. I figured you were reading too mcuh into some vague statement.

        I apologize for thinking that of you.

        I cannot believe he said that. What a doofus.

        Not that I woudn't like to see him here. The thing is, though, that folks talk all the time about wanting to play here or play there, but then they also want to break the bank.

        Unless that place is NY or Boston, they usually can't have both.

        And we know what they usually choose.
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          At least he didn't pull a Vina and say he wanted to pitch for the Braves or Mets or something.


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            Its never a good time to talk about playing for someone else.
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              Wagner's a simple country boy from what I've seen. Not really all that shrewd. Unfrozen caveman closer?

              But yeah, that was out of line, especially given as good as the Phillies are supposed to be.
              Dude. Can. Fly.


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                And considering the fans there throw batteries at players they dislike, hehe


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                  especially given as good as the Phillies are supposed to be
                  Ah the key disclaimer. I'll give them 35 games before Bowa gets canned.