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  • Steroids

    I think far and away todays players have an advantage over players of the past, I think simple medical advancement is a bigger advantage than steroids.

    Just as an example, John Smoltz would not be pitching for the Braves of 20 or 30 years ago without medicine of today.

    I bet more records are in jeopardy because players today have better nutrition and medicine than anything else.

    Hitters and pitchers have super slow motion cameras to help them when they get into bad habits, tell me RUTH had that?

    Steroids were not even against the rules of baseball when Barry and Mac broke the record, so how can the record be tainted?
    Because it's illegal? So is speed, and we know players have done that for decades.
    Is the record of any player who ever took speed tainted? Where would this end if thats true?

    What Barry, Mac and whoever else did was withing the RULES OF THE GAME AT THE TIME, how can you now say, your records are tainted because you played by the rules?

    OH AND all this garbage about how it's the players union's fault?
    What a crock, First, you don't think the owners LOVED the publicity of the home run chase? First Sammy and Mac, and then Barry? On TV news every night, not just ESPN but all TV.
    Second, if the owners really wanted testing, and accountability they would have bargained for it!!! It's called a contract, had they been really serious about it they would have given the players something in exchange for drug testing, but it wasn't worth it to them. Plain and simple, they could have gotten it, but would have had to pony up something for it. that is what bargaining is about. So don't blame the union, blame both sides.
    Be passionate about what you believe in, or why bother.