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"Mr. Show" Season 4 DVDs to be released...

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  • "Mr. Show" Season 4 DVDs to be released...

    Mr. Show - Season 4 DVD is coming...

    Bob here... We recorded the commentary track for the 4th season of Mr. Show this past weekend, a fairly good indication that HBO Home Video will release it sometime in the next year.

    Along with their quips, queries and queests, were Mr. Show writer/performers: Brian Posehn, BJ Porter, Scott Aukerman, Jay Johnston, Bill Odenkirk, Jerry Minor, Brett Paesel, Jill Talley, Eric Hoffman, Paul F. Tompkins, Dino Stamatopoulos, Eban Schletter, David Cross, and Bob Ofendorf.

    Everyone had a good time, laughed, ridiculed themselves and each other, got too damn serious (especially when we got to the end), did funny characters that maybe went on a bit too long, but generally tried to avoid being too honest about anything. I think everyone was surprised at how funny the damn show was. Excuse me, I mean to say; "how damn funny the fucking show was". Very few of us seemed to have watched any of it since we made it, and I, for one, plan on watching some episodes with the sound on (for commentary tracks we watched with it turned down) once the DVD's are in my sweaty palms.

    Then again, maybe the show is just really funny without sound.

    We tried to be conscientious of our fans suggestions. We kept the "oh, this is really funny here" observations to a minimum, got our "characters" in and out quickly, and tried to balance the joshing with the informativation. Hope you like it.

    We are still compiling "extras", so I can't give a precise word on that, but one thing different this time around is that we plan to promote these DVD's, so hopefully you'll actually hear about them when they are released, as opposed to the third season DVD's. Which reminds me, did you know the third season came out on DVD? It did. You oughta get it.
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    Oh thank heaven for Ofendorf & Cross
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