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    The San Francisco Chronicle informs us that the term "homosexual" is not appropriate when referring to gay people anymore ("too pathological and clinical") and that a whole host of new words are popping up to describe Bay Area folks who don't fit into the whole "binary male-female system."

    "Genderqueer" is someone who thinks there are more than two sexes and doesn't consider himself or herself male or female. Someone who is "pansexual" is attracted to people of multiple genders.

    In the transgender (someone with a "gender identity different from the one assigned at birth") community, a "trannydyke" is a transgender person attracted to people "with a more feminine gender" and a "trannyfag" is someone attracted to people with "a more masculine gender."

    A "boi" is usually a "biological female" with a boyish manner. She might feel like a boy with a "y," but since she doesn't have the "boy parts" then boi with an "i" is preferable.

    And among people of color, the Chronicle says, the term "queer" sounds too white so they prefer the terms "same-gender-loving people" or "men who sleep with men."

    The list goes on: "boydyke," "trannyboy, " "multigendered," "polygendered," "queerboi," "transboi," "transguy," "transman," "half-dyke," "bi-dyke," "stud," "stem," "trisexual," "omnisexual," and "multisexual."

    Hours of fun!
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