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What's your favorite ballpark that you've visited?

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  • What's your favorite ballpark that you've visited?

    I've had the good fortune of visiting about 20, or so ballparks.

    Some of my favorites include Fenway and Wrigley, of course..

    My personal favorite is Pac Bell.

    Dodger Stadium is probably the best pure baseball park
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    Pac Bell is my favorite, followed closely by Camden Yards.
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      I liked Edison a lot.
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        Fenway, despite the annoying fans.


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          But Edison did bring up one concern for me.

          Is our new ballpark going to have escalators? if so, then will they also have stairs or ramps or something?

          I have a kind of fear of escalators. Especially stepping on that first step at the top on the way down to the other level.

          That new west county mall really sucks for people like me.
          Sometimes elections have positive consequences!


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            1. PacBell Park
            1A. PNC Park
            3. Camden Yards
            4. Dodger Stadium
            5. Jacobs Field
            6. Safeco Field
            7. Fenway Park (not so much for the stadium itself but for the atmosphere around it)
            8. Yankee Stadium
            9. Wrigley Field
            10. Busch Stadium (after the renovations in 1996)


            1. Veterans Stadium
            1A. Three Rivers Stadium
            3. Shea Stadium
            4. Candlestick Park
            5. Qualcomm Stadium
            6. SkyDome
            7. Comerica Park
            8. Anaheim Stadium (before they remodeled it to how it is now)
            9. Network Associates Coliseum
            10. Tiger Stadium


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              Al Davis really screwed up the Oakland-Alemeda Colisseum. Before that monstrosity was built in the outfield, there was a great view of the chain of hills to the east of Oakland.
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                Camden Yards, but haven't been to Pac Bell. Liked Wrigley a lot, too.
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                  1. Wrigley
                  2. Yankee
                  3. Royals (Whatever it is called now)
                  4. Busch
                  5. Fulton County
                  6. Cingular Field

                  Those are the only ones I have been to.
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                    1.) Wrigley Field (threw out the first pitch there so it's gotta be #1)
                    2.) Fenway
                    3.) Yankee Stadium
                    4.) Busch Stadium
                    5.) Veterans Stadium
                    6.) Great American Ballpark in Cinci (I hold a personal grudge against that entire town after getting arrested on the drive back)


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                      Originally posted by backstop@Mar 4 2004, 01:07 PM
                      Fenway, despite the annoying fans.
                      You got it.

                      I was there with a young white woman who liked the Orioles their opponet that day and we both had on Orioles hats. Of course I was called a boy by dickless college boy's who quickly ducked the other way - not like I was in a fighting mood anyway but it was just damn annoying.
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                        fish-you threw out the 1st pitch? how?

                        CG, your post reminds me of a scene from Crocodile Dundee.
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                          CG, your post reminds me of a scene from Crocodile Dundee.
                          huh. never saw the movie. that guy got on my nerves in the commercials for it. plus, crocodiles are stupid.
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                            Kauffman Stadium. I've only visited 2, and the other is Busch.

                            That is a really nice park.


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                              Camden, hands down.
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