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NFL rumors from Chris Mortensen

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    started a topic NFL rumors from Chris Mortensen

    NFL rumors from Chris Mortensen

    From his chat....

    Sandra, Chicago: Chris, just heard from WGN that Kearse is now considering an offer by Seattle, any truth on this?

    Chris Mortensen: (12:38 PM ET ) I think there is.... there has been word that a specific team was willing to meet Kearse's contract demands ($20 million in upfront money) and that it would happen quickly. A lot of people thought it was the Redskins, but it looks like it might be the Seahawks.


    Ben (Raleigh, NC): Based on the Superbowl performance, the Panthers looked to be a CB away from winning it all. Having a big time corner could have shut down the last drive of the Pats and sealed it for Carolina. Do you see them picking up someone?

    Chris Mortensen: (12:39 PM ET ) The guy we're expecting them to pick up is Tory Vincent. He certainly has campaigned for it, but the Panthers have no desire to overpay.


    Rich Meyers Easton PA: Any truth to D Woody going to Buffalo? Ted Washington to Raiders? Thanks.

    Chris Mortensen: (12:42 PM ET ) Yes, both these reports have life. The Bills have had a high priority of upgrading their interior O-line and Woody will do that, if they can finalize a deal. The Raiders want Ted Washington but they'll have to be careful with the contract.


    Matt (Philadelphia): Any chance of the Eagles trading up for either L.Fitzgerald or M. Williams, or any serious interest in T.O.?

    Chris Mortensen: (12:46 PM ET ) I went into this day believing the Eagles will work out a trade for T.O. within the next day or two.


    Greg (Toledo, OH): Mort come on you can't go this long without talking about the Moss to Miami rumor. What are the chances of this happening?

    Chris Mortensen: (12:48 PM ET ) I think slim and none. The Vikings, regardless of denials, have sent out some quiet feelers to measure Moss' value. It would almost have to be a Herschel Walker deal in reverse and teams in this day and age basically can't afford to do it. The Dolphins are one of the teams that have talked about it, but I believe Moss will remain in Minnesota.


    Matt (Philly): Mort, here in Philly, word is that the Eagles want no part of TO. Our local media insists that he is not an Andy Reid guy.

    Chris Mortensen: (12:49 PM ET ) That was always my thought, but I have been informed that T.O. is now a possibility to Philly primarily because Reid believes he has strong enough leadership in the locker room to deal the T.O. personality.


    John Easton, MD: Mort, What are the chances of the Jets getting Terrell Owens and when will we know who he goes to?

    Chris Mortensen: (12:58 PM ET ) I imagine the Jets are in the mix, but I would expect to hear something on T.O. by Friday with the Eagles, Ravens & Raiders in the running.


    Jude (Wagner): Where is Jeff Garcia going?

    Chris Mortensen: (1:07 PM ET ) Good question. I'm not sure anybody will give him the starter's job outright, let alone for $5 mill as the 49ers were offering. But the speculation is that the Chargers, Cardinals, Bucs and Browns will be interested. I don't think the Cowboys are.


    Kurt (St. Louis): Mort, any idea what will happen at the quarterback position in St. Louis? Warner going or staying?

    Chris Mortensen: (1:19 PM ET ) I think the Rams' QB situation bears watching. They might be in the Drew Henson sweepstakes, which may affect Warner. However, the Rams have been of the mindset that the salary cap won't allow them to let Warner go.
    Am I the only one who thinks "Kurt (St. Louis)" is Kurt Warner? (Joking!)

    The Rest.