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Avatars and Signatures

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  • Avatars and Signatures

    The maximum size for Avatars is 128x128 pixels. That's plenty big -- anything larger than that will be deleted.

    The maximum size for Signatures is 200 x 500 pixels. That's rather large as well -- and like the avatars, anything larger will be deleted.

    Remember, there are some unfortunate souls who are still on dial-up modems and they can't or don't want to wait for your ultra-cool 500k avatar/signature to load, so try to keep the file size down to under 20k. If you have that killer design you want to use, but it's 300k, try exporting the file at a lower resolution, or lowering the quality of the image. If all else fails, change the image format to a .gif or a .jpg.

    Don't forgot: Use common sense when creating a new avatar and/or signature. If it's not something you'd feel comfortable showing your mom, then odds are, it's not appropriate. If you have an open-minded mom, think of your grandma.

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